Disaster Risk Management


Disaster Risk Management

The programs / projects related to Environment & DRR with the support organizations are:

- Disaster Preparedness and River Basin Programme (Oxfam GB and EU), Right based Disaster Risk Reduction & Resilient Livelihoods (DCA),  Priority Action for Lifesaving Response through Integrated Nutrition, WASH and Health Interventions in  Kapilvastu (LW.F), Social Mobilization for Chure Protection (Rastrapati Chure Terai Madhes Development Board).

The major works through these program/projects are:

- Supported the then local bodies in the formulation of VDC level disaster management plans and facilitated in the formation and strengthening of CDMCs (community-based disaster management committees and taskforces for disaster preparedness and emergency responses, riverbed farming, construction of raised platform of drinking water pump and raised toilets, riverbank protection through bioengineering etc.

- During the implementation of these projects, an early warning communication network was formed which is still functioning. The network comprises a focal point in each community of river basin area from upstream community to downstream up to Nepal – India international boarder. When any disaster happens, the upstream community informs the nearby next downstream community and from that community to another next community and so on. After receiving the information, the focal person of the concerned community disseminates the message in his/her community as well as to nearby police station and IRDC's focal person. Thus, the communication network functions as an early warning system during the time of emergencies. Simultaneously, IRDC worked with Nepal police of project locations in the area of disaster response.



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